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The Power of Proactive Support.

Nortrax provides you access to a suite of technologies supported by a group of highly trained specialists. These John Deere WorkSight technologies are designed to remotely monitor all aspects of your machine’s operational and maintenance needs. This helps us respond to critical issues more quickly and efficiently before it causes costly downtime.

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The Technology

Product Support Technology Representative

Making Technology Personal.

Technology is quickly changing the world we work in, and at Nortrax, your Product Support Technology Representative (PSTR) will ensure these changes positively impact your equipment’s productivity, uptime and reduce your daily operating costs. Your PSTR will train you face-to-face on advancing new technologies, deliver detailed proactive messages from your machines, and be your bridge for all your parts and service needs. Our pro-active approach will help you achieve the best in Uptime, Productivity and Low Daily Operating Costs. We Stand Ready.

What your PSTR will do for you.

  • JDLink and remote machine monitoring training.
  • Schedule and deliver JDLink training on new equipment.
  • Monthly fleet monitoring reports.
  • Quarterly machine optimization consultations.
  • Timely maintenance reminders.
  • Monitor your warranty expirations.
  • Deliver to you your machine’s optimization sessions and highlight key equipment performance data for productivity and uptime.
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Worksite Success Stories

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At Nortrax, the only thing more fulfilling than solving your problem is preventing it in the first place. That’s why our Product Support Technology Representatives (PSTR) and Machine Monitoring Specialists (MMS) work together to turn John Deere WorkSight machine and operations data into solutions for improved efficiencies, increased productivity and reduced jobsite costs.

Read about real WorkSight success stories that prove how the combined expertise of the Nortrax PSTR, MMS and John Deere WorkSight have turned data into solutions and prevented downtime, costly repairs, and found ways to optimize machines and make operations more efficient.

The Nortrax PSTR and MMS roles are bringing together machine technology and product support for a partnership that is positioned to succeed. We Stand Ready.

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