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John Deere construction equipment


Get. Work. Done.
Nortrax has you covered.

Nortrax has the best-in-class Deere and Hitachi machines ready to prove to you the ultimate in productivity, uptime and low operating cost. Especially when your project calls for renting a machine for one month or more, Nortrax can help you develop the best plan for your rental needs. Contact Nortrax today to find out how running a Deere or Hitachi machine on your next project will not only help your bottom line, but also allow you to experience the best equipment on earth.

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Rental Equipment Protection (REP)

With the right equipment, ensure you have the right protection.

REP is physical damage coverage for customers who: don’t carry physical damage coverage, have a deductible of $5,000, $10,000 or greater, are unsure if their insurance will sufficiently cover an incident with the rental, would like to keep incidents with the rental separate from their own insurance-to save money on premium increases.

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Rental Equipment Protection (REP)

Is REP right for you?
Is REP right for you? Chart

REP is the right choice

Damage Scenario:

A Crawler Dozer accidentally rolls over, causing $7,000 worth of damage.
  With REP Without REP
Cost to Rent $3,800 $3,800
Cost for REP $532 N/A
Deductible $2,500 N/A
Cost to repair $0 $7,000
Total $6,832 $10,800



Damage Scenario:

Excavator is totaled. Replacement is $60,000.
  With REP Without REP
Cost to Rent $4,500 $4,500
Cost for REP $630 N/A
Deductible $2,500 $25,000
Total $7,630 $29,500


Under REP, Nortrax will not hold you responsible for most causes of damage while the equipment is out on rent. In the event of a loss, the REP will cover the replacement or repair of the damaged equipment. Simply indicate on your rental agreement that you would like to take advantage of Rental Equipment Protection. Nortrax will take care of the rest.


REP waives responsibility for more types of loss than most damage waivers. A short list of what REP covers includes, but is not limited to:


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